Diamaze PSD blades have a diamond surface, the sharpness of which is optimised for each individual application. The diamond coating exhibits an extraordinary surface finish quality. For this reason, the roughness of the cutting edge is very low and frictional effects are minimized. Our customers profit from extended lifetimes (up to 10 times) while having constant product quality. Through the employment of Diamaze PSD blades, productions costs can significantly be reduced.


Increase in Operating Lifetime


Diamond is the hardest known material. By coating carbide blades with diamond and optimizing the sharpness of the cutting edge, it is possible to reach blade lifetimes that are so far unmatched. Typical increases in lifetime are 10 times to 40 times when compared with carbide or ceramic blades.


Significant life time increase! Comparison of the life times of carbide-, ceramic and Diamaze PSD blades when cutting plastic foil with colour pigments. Number of tested blades: >300.

Improvement of cutting quality


In order to achieve smother cuts, two factors are important::

  • Sharpness of the cutting edge (the so called cutting edge radius)
  • Surface roughness of the blade.

By using the plasma sharpening process, the sharpness of the blades can be optimized to the material that is to be cut. It is even possible to create a Diamaze PSD blade that is sharper than the original carbide blade.


The extremely smooth surface is achieved by using a special, fine-grained, diamond layer. The typical surface roughness ranges between 20-40 nm Rms (shiny surface). Additional advantages of using diamond are the low adhesion of many materials to diamond and the low friction coefficient.