GFD develops and produces cutting blades for extreme operational demands. Because they are optimally sharp, Diamaze PSD blades can be used for cutting a large variety of materials such as:


Plastic foils

Metal foils



Composite materials




Carbon fibers


Diamaze PSD blade: On the left hand side is a carbide blade that is used as a base for Diamaze PSD blades. The right hand side shows the identical blade that has been diamond coated and sharpend.

The shape of the cutting blades can be determined by the customer or developed by GFD. GFD has long-term experience in the development of cutting solutions, which can be used to the advantage of our customers.


At the present time, cutting blades with the following properties can be produced:

  • Cutting angle: 15°-60°
  • Length and width of the blade: 1mm-100mm (200mm in the future)
  • Blade thickness: max. 7mm
  • Single bevel and double bevel blades
  • Extremely complex blade shapes
  • Adjustable Sharpness

After diamond deposition, the radius of curvature of the cutting edge can be reduced, with the plasma sharpening process, from 5-20µm to 0,5µm.