Cutting blades with Diamond ? exceptionally wear resistant and extremely sharp!

Cutting blades, which satisfy the highest demands for durability and sharpness, are our strength. Under the name ?Diamaze PSD?, we produce diamond coated, carbide blades for extremely abrasive applications. Because of diamond?s exceptional hardness, the lifetime of Diamaze PSD blades is up to 800x greater when compared to uncoated steel blades and up to 40x greater in comparison to carbide and ceramic blades. Diamaze PSD blades possess an exceptional sharpness due to a special ?Plasma Polishing? process. These properties make it possible for our customers to achieve substantial savings


The advantages for our customers are clear:

  • Lower long-term blade costs
  • Considerable reduction of machine down time and setup costs
  • Extreme sharpness
  • Very long lifetime
  • Improved yield

The main fields of application for Diamaze PSD blades are:

  • Foils and fibers in the plastic and packaging industry, pharmaceutics and medical technology
  • GFC and CFC in the area of aviation and space travel
  • Paper
  • textiles


In addition to our already existing standard forms, it is possible to produce individual blade geometries. We would be glad to advice you about optimizing your specific cutting solutions.


The following standard products are available:


  description article # product information
Diamaze PSD foil blade 43 x 22 (3 hole)

thickness: 0,2mm und 0,3mm
K.0020.020 (0,2mm)

K.0020.030 (0,3mm)
Diamaze PSD foil blade 57,5 x 19 (Langloch)

thickness: 0,38mm
K.0030.038 (0,38mm) K.0030.pdf
Diamaze PSD plotter blade

26,5 x 5 30°

thickness: 0,55m
K.0040.055 K.0030.pdf
  Diamaze PSD plotter blade

33,5 x 6,2 R15

thickness: 0,55mm
K.0041.055 K.0041.055.pdf