Razor blades

high resolution image of a Diamaze-PSD cutting edge

GFD is introducing a new razor blade that is based on the Diamaze PSD technology. The Diamaze PSD razor blade combines the sharpest possible cutting edge with a much increased life time when compared to a standard steel razor blade.

The razor blade is made out of a Tungsten Carbide blade that is coated with a pure diamond film at the cutting edge. At the end of the manufacturing process the cutting edge is sharpened with a plasma sharpening process that can form an almost atomically sharp cutting edge. With the plasma sharpening process GFD is able to combine the hardest available material (Diamond) with the sharpest possible cutting edge.

Transmission electron microscopy investigations have shown that with the plasma polishing process the radius of curvature at the cutting edge can be as small as 3nm meaning that only a few atoms are actually forming the cutting edge.

Since Diamond is the hardest available material, Diamaze PSD industrial blades show an life time increase of up to 1000 times when compared to uncoated steel blades. Life time investigations for Diamaze PSD razor blades are being conducted at the moment.


Video of a Diamaze-PSD razor blade slicing a human hair